Burger de Mayo

Last week, when Brad Pitt and I were in NYC for the James Beard party, I met up with my friend Kenton for lunch the following day – which happened to be Cinco de Mayo. Rather than hitting up a Mexican restaurant and drinking margaritas, he introduced me to 5 Napkin Burger.

Five napkins indeed! Awesome juicy burger with gooey, creamy toppings (yeah, Mom, that’s for you. I know how much you *love* gooey creamy stuff on sandwiches). Kenton nailed it with the choice in restaurant. And I had such a great time catching up with him. Such a charmer. And hilarious. Huh-lar-ious, I tell you!

Kenton stayed in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and got the burger with guacamole on it:kentonburger

I stuck with the namesake Original 5 Napkin Burger because, well, I had never been there before and that is what you do. Its a rule:myburger

I’m pretty certain my mom is probably fighting back her gag reflexes looking at this burger with its squishy, creamy pile of rosemary aioli on top. But it was so tasty. So were the caramelized onions, which, ironically Kenton can’t stand. Who knew people didn’t like caramelized onions?

I have to say, now that I’m thinking about it, I know the most bizarre people with weird food quirks.

Shout out to Kenton for making my Cinco de Mayo a perfect Burger de Mayo day! And Happy Sandwich Saturday!!!

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