Mother’s Day Surprise

I was very excited about Mother’s Day this year. Oddly, enough, it was the most excited I’ve ever been for this holiday and its the first year I wasn’t home to celebrate with my mom. Wait. I think there was a year I was traveling and didn’t celebrate in person. Is that right? I can’t remember. I’m sure my mom can put her two cents in and let me know for sure.

But, anyway, this year I was especially excited because I sent my mom a special surprise in the mail to make up for my absence on her holiday:ponytail

A month ago, I got a haircut and I kept the ponytail of hair that was chopped off. At first I kept the hair because I was going to send it to Locks of Love so it could be made into a wig. But then I started having fun with it. I put the ponytail on the passenger seat of the car when I picked up Brad Pitt from work the day I got my haircut. When he saw my new hairdo for the first time, he jumped backwards at the sight of the random hair on the car seat and told me to “get it the fuck away from him” because it grossed him out. I laughed so hard I could barely contain myself.

And then the ponytail just kind of sat around The Condo in a plastic baggie. Until I realized “WAIT! Its PERFECT for Mother’s Day! My mom can have a piece of me with her all day on Mother’s Day, even though I’ll actually be in a far away land called Pennsylvania!”

I think she loved it:hairtext

I told her she needed to put it at the table, so I could “join” everyone for dinner as they celebrated Mother’s Day. I don’t think my Seeester or Dad were cool with that idea, so my ponytail was put aside. But, that is okay. I have a feeling it will make more appearances on other special days.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with many surprises!



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