For today’s Taco Tuesday post, I am asking you to use  your imagination.

Look at the picture:chipotlebowlDo you see the taco?

You don’t? Well, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Try again….

I’ll give you a few seconds to really, really put your imagination to work ….

[Insert Jeopardy Music Here]

What did you come up with this time? burritobowltaco

Wow. Nicely done! That does look a bit like a taco! And its as close to a taco as this girl is going to get today, because I wanted a Chipotle burrito bowl, not tacos. I’ll be damned if I let the day of the week get in the way of my desire for a burrito bowl. (Plus I was running errands and happened to be near the only Chipotle in our neck of Pennsylvania. So I had to go there. And I had to get my favorite burrito bowl. So buck up and be okay with not seeing a “real” taco for the day.)

Happy Burrito-Bowl-Taco Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Burrito-Bowl-Taco

    • Me too!!! And our old house had at least three Chipotle’s in a mile radius. Not to mention a gazillion more within five to ten miles. And then we moved to eastern PA and there is only ONE Chipotle in the area. I have to drive 20 minutes each way. Its made it quite difficult to feed my Chipotle addiction.


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