Foxy Sandwiches

I’m struggling today. I can’t decide on a sandwich to tell you about.

I could tell you about the awesome BLT I had in New York a couple weeks ago: nycblt

Or I could tell you about my recent visit to White Castle where I realized their tiny burgers made my hands look like gigantic man-hands:whitecastle(NOTE: I do not have gigantic man-hands in real life. Just in this photo.)

Or I could tell you about my lunch visit to Wally’s Deli with Brad Pitt today and the super sloppy, yet totally terrific sammie I tried just a mere hour ago: wallys

But, no. No, I’m not going to dive into any of those stories, because I have something much more important to discuss with you today.


Do you know what a fox says?

My Seeester told me to ask Siri that question this week. So I did and she kept giving me different and ridiculously bizarre responses. And it was the highlight of my week.

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I had no idea that this was a real thing. Did you? And by “real thing” what I mean is there is a song called “What Does The Fox Say” and its, well, its awesome. I’ve watched the video probably ten times since my Seeester introduced me to the fox phenomenon. No sandwich has a chance of being more entertaining than this video:

I can’t stop watching. I even watched it this morning after I took The Little Monster and her partner in crime Princess Pepper outside to potty at 5am. And then I laid in bed, thinking, wondering about foxes. And then I realized….

I really truly do not know what a fox says!

And then I laid there and realized if I continued to ask Siri or Google “What does a fox say?” I would never get a real answer, because I would continue to get the song as a search result.


So I laid there awhile longer and thought about how I could revise the question to find the real answer. Fortunately I am quite intelligent and was able to come up with a new question and a get a real answer.

At that point, I realized there are many other intelligent people out there who wanted to know the same answer. And thanks to Popular Science we have those answers. I also learned that girl foxes are called vixens. Which, for some reason, I was completely excited about. Probably because it was 5am and my brain was easily entertained.

Foxes don’t really say things like Fraka-kaka-kaka-kow! They actually make high-pitched barking ow-wow-wow noises and screams. They make screaming noises.

They are probably screaming SHUT THE FUCK UP to the people singing the song because the people are getting it all wrong. But who am I to say? I was only supposed to be writing about sandwiches.

Happy Sandwich Saturday to all you foxy vixens out there.

4 thoughts on “Foxy Sandwiches

  1. I’m slightly stunned that you would admit to the entire blogosphere that you had never heard What Does The Fox Say. It’s soooooo yesterday. 🙂

    What is that in the bowl next to the BLT?

    • It’s obviously not sooooo yesterday because I had never heard of it. It’s not yesterday until I know.
      Those are tater tots!!!! Nom nom nom. I love tots.

  2. Chacha-chacha-chacha-chow! That’s my favorite verse in the song. : ) Still can’t believe that you are just know learning about the fox song! Lol


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