Sour Cream: The Sequel

For those of you who have been following, you know that I have a new-found-love for sour cream. You also know that I expected my Mom to be completely disgusted with this change in my taste buds. — I also shared a brief story about how my mom told me that I was allergic to spinach because I am pretty sure she doesn’t like it and didn’t want to risk any special dinner requests including the greens. If you missed that story, no worries, you can read it HERE. — After my Mom read that post, she left a comment. So I responded to her. And then she responded to me. And then I sent her a special text message. You can witness all the greatness in what shall now be referred to as “Sour Cream: The Sequel” below:

Sour Cream: The Sequel


There is so much here that is just not true, Katie. Sheesh.

  1. I like sour cream. I like the flavor of it cooked into foods. I cook with it a lot and you ate plenty of dishes that include sour cream while you were growing up. I just don’t like blobs of it.
  2. I never, ever said you were “allergic” to spinach. I said I could never give you spinach or Gerber Garden Vegetables when you were babies because they gave you diarrhea. Every. Single. Time. Where you got allergic I’ll never know. I think you made it up in the same part of your brain that stores the “maps in your head.” [She is referring to my internal GPS that oftentimes does not work well. That is a story for another day.]
  3. I do hate gooey white stuff. You got that part right. And if I see globs of it on the corner of a person’s mouth I start to feel sick.


  1. Inside ingredient does not count.
  2. You totally told me I was allergic. Seeester confirmed.
  3. What kind of people are you hanging around or what movies are you watching where they have gooey white stuff near their mouths??!?! Hmmmm?????


Nah, you heard what you wanted to hear, and Your Seeester would have believed anything you told her.

Humph. She did not respond to number 3 in her final comment. That is fine. She didn’t need to address the question of who she hangs out with or what movies she watches where people have white stuff around their mouths. I knew all I needed to know: If she sees globs of gooey white stuff on the corner of someone’s mouth, she starts to feel sick. Which is why I texted her this picture of me later in the day:photo 1-21

Apparently, she did not think it was funny:sourcreamtext

I must have gotten my sense of humor from my Dad because I am still laughing and she has shown no signs of amusement. I have been sending her random photos of me and Brad Pitt with sour scream smeared on our faces and saying “Help! We are allergic!!” and still no signs of laughing on her end.

I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, the tub of sour cream is getting low and I want to reserve some for my omelette tomorrow. But its been fun while it lasted.

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