Penny Lu is Two!!!

Today is The Little Monster’s Second Birthday!!! Human children supposedly go through the “Terrible Twos,” well The Little Monster seems to have hit that stage and is well beyond it now. (Knocking on wood.) She is still ornery, but she is most definitely more of a Sweet P these days.

In honor of her birthday, I baked two dozen cupcakes. cupcake2

Yes, I know. There aren’t two dozen in that photo. I shared a few cupcakes (the prettiest ones) with some of our elderly neighbors so they could also join in the birthday celebration.

Then, of course, there were the runt cupcakes. You know, the ones that didn’t quite have enough batter to give them the same oomph as their brothers and sisters and they turned out to be the smallest in the litter. I didn’t include those in the picture. Its totally cool, though. The runts are still perfectly good. I used one as a taste tester and the others are perfectly proportioned for breakfast. Or for the moment later in the night, after I’ve already eaten three cupcakes, and I still want more. I can eat a runt cupcake and feel okay about it, because it isn’t full size. See? Its quite genius. I should just take credit for making the runts on purpose.

Anyway, here is another glimpse of Sweet P-The Little Monster-Penny Lu’s birthday cupcakes:2cupcakes


Oh yeah. There is one more special cupcake that I put aside. This one, you will notice does not have the sprinkles. Rather it has a very special message that I strategically piped on using frosting. No, I didn’t. I suck at frosting cakes! So I improvised with Photoshop. Doesn’t matter. Its the thought that counts. And this special cupcake goes out to our friend Mike who got some pretty good news from his oncologist today. Unfortunately it will have to be eaten virtually because there is not really a way of me sending it via mail and it arriving in proper shape. Again, its the thought that counts. This one is for you Mike!fuckyeahcupcake

I must say, it was the perfect day for a puppy birthday and good news for a friend.

Happy 2 Year Birthday to Penny Partockamoose, the Best Little Monster in the World!


2 thoughts on “Penny Lu is Two!!!

  1. White on white, I see. 🙂

    The cupcakes look tasty, and happy birthday to P1, but the best part of this post is good news for a friend!


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