Taco Woes

Oh, woe is me!

Woe, woe, woe is me.

I really, really wanted a taco today. It is Tuesday after all. And I really had a hankering for a decent taco. I was willing to settle for the inauthentic version. You know, the kind with piles of shredded cheese on top that my Seeester likes. Yes. That sounds so good right now. But I am limited to the one Mexican restaurant in our town: Fiesta Olé – otherwise known as Fiesta Okay. I was not going to spend $10 for a plate of mediocre tacos. My craving is huge, but my lunch budget is not.

So, instead I’m stuck eating this freaking hotdog. notatacohotdog

And its not even the kind of hotdog I like because I can’t find a grocery store around here that carries the Oscar Mayer Lean Beef Franks.

I repeat: Oh, woe is me!!!

I ended up slathering the hotdog with horseradish. So, in reality, I didn’t even seem like I was eating a hotdog. All I tasted was horseradish. Which I guess is okay because I really like horseradish.

But its no taco. I would have much preferred a taco.

Happy (Oh-Woe-Is-Me) Taco Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Taco Woes

  1. If you can make it to the grocery store, you should try bean tacos with enchilada sauce! The kiddos and I discovered it by mistake/chance and it was a delicious happening. Not authentic by any means, just something different and fun!


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