Hotdog Law of Physics

In the world, there are laws of physics. And because of these laws, things happen. They just happen. Because the law says it should. Initially I was thinking “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” but I started researching “Laws of Physics” so I could better educate you and I ended up finding all sorts of crazy shit that I didn’t really have time to read. I just wanted other “laws” like “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” so I could finally get around to the entire point of my story.

I decided that I would share some of these “common” Laws of Physics since I had them readily available to copy and paste. But there are a bunch of Laws and Equations and Principles. Too many to copy and paste (I’m talking the dude who put them online arranged them in alphabetical order. There are enough that it required alphabetizing.) So I was going to pick and choose a couple that were better and more appropriate for where I am eventually going with my story. But, frankly I found them so boring that I couldn’t even bother skimming the descriptions. Not to mention, I had to pop out my contacts because my eyes were itching like crazy and I’m trying to write this cross-eyed and half blind. And, even when I tried to read some of these Laws in their entirety, none of them were even close to where I planned to go with this, so I’m just going to urge you to ignore everything I said about the Laws of Physics and What Goes Up, Must Come Down and just know this:

When you see a sugar cookie decorated to look like a hotdog, it is physically impossible to not buy the cookie. hotdogcookie

Huh. Interesting. Physically impossible. So, it must be a Law of Physics. The Hotdog Law of Physics. File that under the letter H in your Laws, Online Physics Dude.

SIDE NOTE HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH PHYSICS: I’m not sure if I will be able to get over the fact that the red stuff is not actually ketchup. I don’t like ketchup on my hotdogs. This should be an interesting experiment later tonight.

SIDE SIDE NOTE: Really, nothing in this post had anything to do with physics. So, if you were hoping to learn something, I’m super sorry.

4 thoughts on “Hotdog Law of Physics

    • Yes, duh. The point is you can’t just walk past a cookie that looks like a hotdog. You have to buy it. And eat it. Jeez. Pay attention Mom.


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