Hello, Hello Burrito

Well, hello there Hello Burrito. I finally paid you a visit and sampled some of your tortilla wrapped goodness.vegburrito copy

Granted, its Tuesday. A day meant for tacos. But I figured a burrito was close enough. Also, I am making a concerted effort to eat meat-free today.

(No, Mom, Pennsylvania has not changed me that much. Yes, Mom, I did buy a bicycle the other day and started riding which is very not like me. But, don’t worry. I’m not going total veg. I’m just trying it for the day. And maybe on Thursday, too. So, don’t freak out thinking I’m morphing into a different person. Oh, yeah, I got a tattoo last week.* But, still, I am the same person I was when I lived in Missouri.)


Based on a healthy offering of meat-free menu items (nearly the entire menu is a list of meat-free-entrees and then you have the choice of adding various proteins) Hello Burrito is the perfect place to go for meat-free lovers. And burrito-lovers. And so today was my day to visit.

And, it was good. Pretty awesome how a simple tortilla filled with rice, squash, broccoli, etc, some cheese and buffalo sauce could be so tasty. I was feeling really good about myself and my meat-free-ness by the time I left there. So, when I got home I figured a bite of a cookie couldn’t hurt. I felt immediate pangs of meaty guilt though. I ate the hotdog cookie!

Really, its okay. Its more of a frosting assault to the body than a hunk of beef. Or pork. Or whatever godforsaken ingredients are stuffed inside real hotdogs. Lets not go there, okay?

So, despite the downward frosting slide into fake hotdog land, I’m still meat-free for the day and I said hello to a new burrito place that will definitely suffice on any given Taco Tuesday.

Hello Burrito Tuesday!

*Mom: I did not really get a tattoo. Unless you consider the sunburn that has swathed the entire shoulder and upper arm region of both of my arms. Then, yes, I did get a tattoo. A sleeve of solid red on both arms. Wow. Look at me: Vegetarian and tattooed. I’m very hipster this week.


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