Hula Time!

A long, long time ago (about five days) My Seeester came to visit me in Pennsylvania.

After picking her up at the Philly airport and checking into a hotel, she and I headed over to the Reading Terminal Market for some sightseeing, shopping and lunch.

Thankfully, My Seeester loves cheese as much as I do [We could live on cheese alone. Nothing else. Water is not even necessary. Just cheese.] so I knew the perfect spot to grab a sandwich would be Meltkraft. A sandwich joint tucked inside Valley Shepherd Creamery’s booth that creates gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with their own awesome cheesy products.

Twist my arm.

We agreed to split the day’s special: The Hula Sandwich

Kahlua Pulled Pork (my favorite!!!), Sharp Valley Shepherd Creamery Reading Cheddar and Pineapple Salsa on Brioche bread. 


That is not all.

Are you ready for this?

It is grilled in bacon fat.

Honestly, this may surprise you, but I’m not the biggest bacon fan around. I know. Pull yourself off the ground. Some people just don’t love bacon. I like it. I just don’t fall head over heals for it.

So the idea of grilled in bacon fat kind of frightened me. I didn’t want an overwhelming bacon fat flavor consuming my sandwich. In my own bacon experiences, I was really afraid of burned bacon fat flavor.

But they knew what they were doing. And they did it really, really well.

It was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve had to date. You might even say it was an Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Check that off my list of sandwiches to try in 2014!

Meet The Hula:
hula1 Oh, those chips? Yeah, they tasted like dill pickle. They were awesome.

We split the sandwich. Thank God. It was HUGE. But it was like the two halves didn’t want to be separated. They clinged to each other with strings of gooey, melted cheese.



Happy Hula Sandwich Saturday!

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