No Glitter Included, Period.

Yesterday I visited Five Below. Its like a Dollar Store, but better. Better named, anyway. Of course, everything is $5 or less.

Basketballs? Check.
Tennis Rackets? Check.
Boogie Boards? Check.
Cute Chihuahua Designed Kleenexes? Check.

I stocked up on some summer essentials (see list above).

While searching the book section for decent cookbooks, I came across “Growing Up and Liking It” type books for both boys and girls.

I had to laugh.

Those books are awful. At least I remember it being awful when I was in fourth grade and we had to split up by gender and learn all about what our bodies were going to do in the coming years. When the instructor informed “us girls” that we would, indeed, absolutely, most definitely, without any doubt experience a time that we “soiled our panties” I about died from fear. And I vowed such a thing would never happen to me.

Years later, in high school, my friend Andrea and I would spray sauce all over each other at the end of our shift at a BBQ restaurant and in funny, Jersey-like voices say “Ewwwwww you started your period.” Its awesome how much fun you can have with a squirt bottle filled with BBQ sauce.

Since then, I’ve grown up (and liked it!) and ironically, after yesterday’s nice reminder of those school days from long ago, I came across this fabulously HILARIOUS video that a friend shared on Facebook:

My favorite moments:
Cherry Slush Club!
Hi, do you make vagina cakes?
Coffee filters!
A Uterus Pinata!
The blood red chocolate fountain!
Bobbing for ovaries!
And, the best ever: You’re missing the vagician!

First, I totally think we need the medical profession to change title from gynecologist to vagician. And, second, its really too bad there isn’t any glitter.


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