Not Your Average Sized Sandwich

As an undergraduate, I studied psychology and one of my favorite classes of all time was Human Sexuality.

I got an A in the class. My parents were super proud.

Really, its not what you are probably thinking. It was less 50 Shades of Grey and a lot more Viagra-based. What I’m getting at is this: We learned all about sexual dysfunctions and deviant behaviors. We did not learn how to have great sex.

But there were videos.

The videos were meant to be viewed by patients experiencing some of the dysfunctions we were learning about in class. Of all the videos we watched, there is one that I will never (ever) forget.

My professor let out a bit of a disclaimer before the video, explaining that when they were casting actors, they requested “men with average sized genitalia.” But during auditions, no one was required to drop trou …. and before they knew it, they ended up with a gentleman that was not of average size. He was beyond average size. Much, much beyond.

How can I explain this without having the porn-authorities shutting me down?

Let’s just say that there was no difference in size between “the body part” of the guy actor and the forearm of the girl who was next to “his body part.”

It was astonishingly large. We are talking the exact same size as her arm from fingers to elbow.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because Brad Pitt ate a sandwich that was the same size as his forearm recently and that video was all I could think about throughout the entire meal.armsandwich

It was definitely not an average sized sandwich.


I’d like to think that my college tuition paid for itself with that sandwich experience. Happy Sandwich Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Not Your Average Sized Sandwich

  1. Ten bucks says there is some crazy erotica somewhere that describes a male character’s genitalia as “as big as a sandwich the size of Brad Pitt’s forearm.” Great screen grab, btw.

    • LOL! The best part about the sandwich (besides the college memories it evoked) was it was DELICIOUS. It was too big for BP to eat all by himself so he shared. I would totally order one for myself any day of the week. 🙂


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