Super Speedy Humps

I swear, I can not make up some of the stuff I have seen since I moved to Pennsylvania. I really should create a webpage of Things I Can Not Make Up, But Pennsylvania Can … or something along those lines.

I already told you about the town called Shartlesville. Shartlesville! I mean, come on! Then, of course there is Butz Road. I can’t contain my inner-12-year-old-boy-sense-of-humor when I see signs for these locations. Do you blame me?

And, then, yesterday, as I was riding my new bicycle through a park, I came across this magical wonder:speedhump

I circled back to take a photo. Again, do you blame me? Speed Humps? Wasn’t there an episode in Sex and the City where Carrie was the unfortunate recipient of some speed humping? That is all I could think about after I saw that sign.

My friend Laura says there is a Speed Hump sign in the Kansas City area. And, of course, it made her giggle every time she passed it. (This is why she and I are friends.) I never witnessed that sign, but I’m sure glad I found this one. It was a highlight of my day.

Since I can’t seem to find a video clip of Carrie getting speed humped, I’ll let Fergie ride this one out:

Whatcha gonna do with all those humps, Pennsylvania? Those humps, those humps, those lovely speedy humps?

Happy Hump Day to you all! Hope its a speedy one!


2 thoughts on “Super Speedy Humps

  1. I totally busted out laughing (and yes, Ms. Bradshaw did immediately come to mind). I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those surprise speedy humps this weekend…


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