So Eggcited

Lately I’ve been packing a lunch for Brad Pitt before he heads to the office for the day. I thought I was doing really well when I surprised him with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sandwich container. But, this week I got a bit more creative.

The first day I decided to just draw some plain egg faces. You know, a lady egg with eye lashes and lady lips. An egg with an Oh No Mr. Bill “O” face. That sort of thing.

Then today I got more creative and included messages. Like this chick who is totally cracking up:eggface youcrackmeupegg Get it? An egg? Cracking up? I’m dying over here from laughter.

Then I decided to get super creative and I created a Jake Egg. Otherwise known as “An Egg with My Dad” drawn on it. The resemblance eggceeded my eggspectations:eggcomparisonI think Brad Pitt got a kick out of the eggstraordinary lunch surprises because I got these texts from him:photo 1-5photo 2-7

Ahhhh. Doesn’t take much to get me eggcited these days.

6 thoughts on “So Eggcited

  1. I will make an egg ception and not be mad with you by putting my pic on your blog

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