Weird & Sexy Are Not the Same

I am a huge believer in chopping up those plastic packaging rings before throwing them into the trash. The last thing I want is a dolphin or turtle or duck caught inside one of the rings. That would weigh heavy on my conscience for a lifetime. So, I always, always cut the rings into tiny pieces.

So, when I opened a bag of lemons this week and looked at the remaining, empty mesh bag I had no idea what to do. How in the world was I going to cut each and every teeny tiny hole in that mesh bag to ensure the safety of all animals worldwide?!? I was stumped. So I started with a simple slice down the side which pretty much flattened the bag into a sheet of plastic mesh. Before I could continue slicing and dicing, I got distracted with ideas of other things I could do with the mesh and I ended up with it wrapped around my face. meshbagface

This just-so-happened to coincide with a text message from Brad Pitt letting me know that he was on his way home. Perfect! I decided to leave my mask on and scare him when he walked through the front door.

I waited. And waited. And I swear of all the days for me to anxiously await his arrival, this one took the longest and was the most uncomfortable. To pass the time, I texted a photo of myself to my Mom and Seeester:meshfacetextsThey obviously didn’t “get” my sense of humor.

I don’t think Brad Pitt did, either, because when he finally walked in the door the look on his face was not one of admiration:photo 4-3

His statement immediately made me think of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when Evelyn wrapped herself in cellophane before her own husband arrived home after work. I don’t know if that qualifies more as “bizarre” or “sexy” but I’m going to find out.

To Be Continued ….

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