Lost Chicken

Over the weekend, Brad Pitt and I came across this sign posted in the window of the Italian restaurant that also serves taco salads: lostchicken

There are so many things I want to say about this …. yet … I also have no words. My mind was racing as I watched Brad Pitt eat his meal, though. He had the nerve to order the chicken parmesan sandwich!  chickenparm

Anyway, I blacked out the number on the sign. Not so much to cock-block the return of the missing poultry. More so, to protect the owner’s identity and prevent any foul play by way of prank calls. But, if you happen to have seen this missing bird, let me know. I’ll share the number with you and we can hatch a plan to make sure the chicken crosses the road leading him back home.

Ba dum bump. My work here is done for the day.


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