Muy, Muy, No Muy Margarita

I made a delicious zero calorie, spicy, jalapeno margarita last night. spicymarg

How is this possible?!? I hear you asking. Zero calories??? Yes. Zero. I almost don’t believe myself.*

Here is the math behind my calorie free, spicy margarita:

The majority of the cocktail is composed of Crystal Light  – which technically is like 5 calories a serving. But the amount of energy it takes to stir the mix into the water and raise the drink toward your mouth pretty much wipes out those calories. So, we are back to zero.

The liquor is a jalapeno infused tequila. Jalapenos are spicy. Spicy foods have been known to kick start your metabolism. Just ask WebMD. Deduct some calories from the overall count! Getting back toward zero!

Since the jalapeno infusion was probably not quite enough to completely negate the calories from the tequila, I dipped the rim of my glass in chipotle chili powder to kick things up a notch. I’m pretty sure that added enough heat to balance things out and bring the calorie count back down to zero.

I wish I had planned ahead and bought some fresh jalapenos at the store, because I think they would make a nice garnish, thinly sliced and floating in the margarita. At that point, hell, we may be talking about a cocktail that has calories in the negative numbers!

Muy delicioso. Muy caliente. No muy calorias.

*Because I shouldn’t believe myself. Do not rely on my calorie counting mathematics. They have not been scientifically proven. I’m just guessing that I’m right, because I’m always right about everything else. Just ask my husband, Brad Pitt.


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