Momless Cupcakes

What do you do when its your birthday and your mommy is 1,086 miles away? You make your own damn cupcakes. bdaycupcake

Just the way you like them. In my case, that means jumbo cupcakes made with white cake, white frosting and a boatload of sprinkles.

Honestly, I’m probably better off having made my own birthday treats. My mom is sick and tired of making “white on white” cakes and cupcakes for me. I know this because (a) she always lets out a sigh of disappointment when I put in my annual request and (b) she makes fun of me. Its not very motherly for someone to make fun of their child’s birthday request. Even if their child is 36 years old.

So, yeah, in hindsight, its a darn good thing Brad Pitt and I moved halfway across the country and I was forced to make my own cupcakes.

And, note to my Mom: the white on white was as delicious as ever.


4 thoughts on “Momless Cupcakes

  1. I definitely sigh, and I may, or may not, make fun of you, but I ALWAYS honor your request. I’m glad it was a good birthday. Love you.

    • I figure white on white is the easiest to make, so you should really just embrace the opportunity. And thank you. It was a great birthday. ❤


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