A Public Service (Spaghetti) Announcement

Consider this my own version of a Public Service Announcement:

Spaghetti can be very dangerous. spaghettipile

Looks can be deceiving. I know. Nothing in this picture screams I’M GOING TO BURN THE FUCK OUT OF YOU, BITCH! Just trust me, it is painfully hazardous to your health.

I learned this, first hand, as I was standing next to the sink with a colander hoisted and ready to strain the pasta. That is when gallons* of boiling, hot lava* water came rushing over the edge of the sink and onto my body. I have belly burn marks to prove it.

I learned my lesson last night and I’m here to share it with you: Always, always be careful when pouring out boiling water. At the very least, suck in your gut while you pour.

And, that, my friends, is the conclusion of my PS(S)A. Public Service (Spaghetti) Announcement.

*Okay, it wasn’t technically “gallons” of “hot lava” water, but it sure as hell felt like it.

3 thoughts on “A Public Service (Spaghetti) Announcement

  1. Besides sucking in your gut, you can also pour away, rather than toward, your body. Like you, that’s a tip I learned the hard way.


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