Make it Hot

Yesterday I received a text from Hooters inviting me to participate in today’s monumental holiday: National Chicken Wing Day.

Yes. I get text messages from Hooters. Don’t judge. I love hot wings. I also love escargot, but I don’t see any fancy French restaurants offering unlimited, all-you-can-eat escargot deals via text. Believe me, if I did, I would be all over it.

So, rather than featuring a taco for Taco Tuesday (which I’ve totally slacked on lately –I  blame Pennsylvania!!!) we will celebrate and honor the chicken wing.

In case you wondered: I like them crispy. With extra sauce and extra blue cheese. And as spicy as you can make them.

The following is not the best photo I’ve taken of chicken wings, but it is the most recent. And it also includes all the essentials to a good hot wing experience:wingsandthings

1. Spicy Wings
2. Extra Sauce
3. Delicious Blue Cheese Dressing
4. Celery — Celery is crucial. It allows you to label your meal as “healthy”

Happy National Chicken Wing Day! Get out there, get some wings and make it a hot one!



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