A Brief Lesson in Life

Go ahead and chalk this up for “Wow, Katie is totally bizarre.” I’m quite aware of that fact and it becomes increasingly apparent on a daily basis. I blame this blog, because as I put things in writing its like IN YOUR FACE BITCH! YOU ARE CRAZY WEIRD!

I’m sure as my parents read this post they will wonder where they went wrong (assuming none of my previous stories hasn’t already led them to that question.)
I’m sure as my parents read this post they will wonder where they went wrong (assuming none of my previous stories hasn’t already led them to that question).

Where the hell do I put the punctuation on that last sentence?
Does the period go inside or outside of the parentheses?
I am so confused.
To cover all bases I included both versions.
Hopefully one is correct.

So, anyway, back to my bizarreness ….

The last two nights I have slept in Brad Pitt’s underwear. girlinboyundiesHis boxer briefs have proven to be like super comfy, soft, fitted pajama shorts. Just with an extra poof of cloth on the front. Which is actually a bit annoying, but the rest is so comfortable that I do my best to ignore that part. At first I put them on because I was too lazy to dig through the baskets of clean laundry for my own pajama pants. And then I put them on because I wanted to see how long it would take him to notice. He did not notice. I had to parade around the kitchen the next morning, shaking my rear end and asking if he noticed anything different about me. He asked if I was wearing my new jogging shorts. Usually he is a lot more observant, I don’t know what went wrong that morning.

The first night of wearing his boxer briefs went so well, that I went for it a second night. Brad Pitt was already in bed, reading a book, when I put on my sleeping ensemble. I decided to make a bigger show out of it. I danced around the bedroom, thrusted my hips around, shouted LOOK AT MY PEE PEE HOLE! and pointed toward the extra poof of fabric. But, you know what? There was no pee pee hole! Apparently, boxer briefs don’t have a pee pee hole! I had no idea. I always thought that boy underwear came with a pee pee hole.

At this point, the look of disappointment on my face must have been overwhelming because Brad Pitt put his book down, got out of bed and proceeded to explain current trends in men’s underwear and demonstrated how to pee successfully without an underwear pee pee hole.


I am a much wiser individual after last night’s brief lesson. And I have my nutty, bizarre behavior to thank for that.

—- In regard to the underwear photo above —-
That is not me. Or Brad Pitt’s underwear. I wish that was me. But, as anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows, I like tacos and sandwiches and hot wings. Those things do not lead to that body. So, instead of using a photo of myself in Brad Pitt’s Fruit of the Looms, I snagged this (more attractive) photo from http://munderwear.wordpress.com.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Lesson in Life

  1. Totally ignoring the subject matter, and just addressing your punctuation question, the period goes outside the parentheses. But there is also a prepositional phrase without comma, and it could be considered run on.

    Aren’t you glad I went with the punctuation question, instead of telling you dad had an underwear issue last night, too?

    • Hm. If by “Dad had an underwear issue, too” you mean he decided to wear YOUR underwear, then I think I am glad you focused on my questions about punctuation.


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