The Handy Nasty

Brad Pitt and I have a new go-to for date night and we call it the Handy Nasty.

Mom: Don’t freak out. Its not at all what you are probably thinking. It is actually a delicious Chinese restaurant. And its really called Han Dynasty.

But suppose you find yourself stuffed full of spicy Sichuan deliciousness that caused temporary numbness to your lips and you wake up the next morning and see in your web browser. Let’s just say, the first thing you think of is not Chinese food.

I speak from personal experience.

My eyes divided those two words into “Handy” and “Nasty” and it took me forever to figure out what I had been looking at the night before. There was a sense of relief when I realized it was actually the website for Han Dynasty. Its just a little unfortunate that their web address can come across in a less than desirable manner. Unless you are like me and Brad Pitt: we take pleasure in the fact that we now have a favorite spot that we call the Handy Nasty. And we always will.


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