Poor Baby

Today, I treated myself to Chipotle for lunch. (I will spare you the details on why Chipotle was my reward – but lets just say it involved our car, a dealership and schmoozy repair people who don’t know what they are doing. I was there for hours. Hours in a dealership waiting room that should have been completely unnecessary since I had already dealt with car woes and repair people for weeks (weeks!) prior to today. Be glad I am not getting into that particular part of this story.)

So, today, I treated myself to Chipotle. And, of course, I arrived right around noon. When all the other Chipotle lovers in the entire Lehigh Valley were in need of burrito bowls. (Remember, there is only ONE Chipotle in my entire neck of Pennsylvania. So, its always packed. And lunch time is, apparently, the most popular time to eat a burrito.)

By the time I had my burrito bowl in hand, I wandered toward the only available seat that made sense for a single diner: a stool in the far corner of the restaurant. And I can’t help it, but the entire time I sat there, eating my burrito bowl of white rice, carnitas, tomato and green salsa, extra cheese and lettuce all I could think was “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” And then I would laugh because they did. I’m not quite sure who “they” are, but they did put Baby in the corner today.

Baby was probably getting paid back for all the smack-talking she had done recently about the poor service she had been receiving at the above-mentioned dealership.

Poor Baby.



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