No Plop Wrap Sandwiches

A couple months ago Brad Pitt decided he preferred wrap sandwiches over the traditional meat-between-bread sandwich. Partly because wraps are delicious. And partly because, well… um… let’s just say the bread heavy sandwiches weren’t settling well. And the barely-there-one-ply-toilet-paper at his office is not great for moments when your bread heavy sandwich doesn’t settle well.

(Note: You should probably read this post as quickly as possible because I have a strong feeling that once he realizes I have made any indication about his digestive system or his office toilet paper he will probably ask me to delete everything.)

So, anyway, being the good wife that I am, I took control of the situation and did two things:
1. I ditched the bread and now wrap all of his sandwiches in flavorful tortillas
2. I periodically stuff a roll of super soft toilet paper into his work bag

I have to say I have become a damn good sandwich wrapper. Somehow I manage to fold everything neatly inside and nothing plops out. And, as far as I know, they settle in his belly well, too, so nothing is plopping out in that regard, either.

Happy No-Plop Sandwich Saturday!!!


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