Till The Cows Come Home

Today I took a break from packing — Oh. Crap. I think I forgot to mention we are moving again.

[Insert Pause Button]

So, yes, we are moving. Again. It explains why I have been slacking on posts lately. This move is nothing like half way across the country like last time. Its only a mile from Our Condo into an amazing house that will get its own name, in due time. We move soon. Very soon. But packing sucks big D, so I took a break today.

[Insert Play Button or Double Click Pause Button for those whose remotes work like that.]

The “Great Allentown Fair” started yesterday and for the next few days they let people in for free during the hours of noon to 2pm. Considering we are buying a house and have no change to spare, I liked the idea of free. So I went today. And, as mentioned before, I needed a break from packing. I hate packing.

So, I went to the fair and I partied till the cows came home.


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