Try, Try Again

You know how they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?”

Wait. I guess I should take a step back — I think a lot of you tune into my blog for the photos and stories about food. But, the blog isn’t supposed to be all about food. Its out there for telling stories and I just happen to be a food lover so food photos and food related stories tend to dominate at times. Because, lets be honest, in life you can’t have stories without food and without food you can’t have stories. Or some bull shit like that.

Anyway, there is a chance that you’ll get a lot of house stories in the coming weeks because the new house is preoccupying all of my time.
So much so, that I have been so busy that I accidentally skipped some meals. And, one time (in band camp) I was so desperate and lazy for food that I opted for Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds. Twenty of them. For $5.00. That is about as low as it can get, people. (In full disclosure, I also chose that option because I had just signed our lives away on new flooring and I felt guilty spending anything more than $5.00 on my lunch.)

So, if you were reading today because you were hoping for a nice food story or photo, there you go. Chicken McNuggets. Oh. And I was drinking my usual chai latte in my favorite Bad Waitress mug when today’s story happened. badwaitresschai



Alright. Back to today’s story….

You know how they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again? Well whoever said that is a total dumb ass and never had plaster and lath walls. And they (apparently) weren’t good with a hammer.

I only have myself to blame. We owned a house with plaster and lath walls before we bought this house in Pennsylvania. So I have experience dealing with the stuff. But, the plaster must be different out here. Stronger than the plaster in Missouri. And my motivation to get the job done was unrivaled. And I didn’t have anyone (Brad Pitt) standing behind me yelling, “Stop! STOP! You are really starting to fuck things up now!” So I just kept going. commentholes copy

Its still not perfect, but I can at least hang the photo where I wanted. I just had to use a bigger nail.

A note to Brad Pitt: If you are reading this before I have had the chance to show you the new holes I created today, I am sorry. And I will fix it. I promise. The good news is no one will even know they are there because they are covered by a great photo of the two of us!


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