Popular Mech-aroni

Earlier this week, Brad Pitt and I headed into NYC for a party. Technically the shindig was an awards party hosted by Popular Mechanics to showcase their choices in this year’s top innovations. There was definitely a high level of creative genius going on in the room. When their editor-in-chief gave his welcome-thanks-for-being-here speech and kept saying the room was filled with brilliant people, creativity, intelligence, etc etc I couldn’t help but think he was talking specifically about me. I mean, come on, you’ve read my blog. Its obvious that whatever goes on in my brain far exceeds what normal humans think about.

The fact that I thought the door to the bathroom was locked (because I was pulling, not pushing) did not really show off my level of intelligence.

Nor did the fact that I held my hand next to the restroom faucet waiting for soap to automatically spit out, only to discover that the silver bar sticking out of the wall was actually the handle to turn on the water. Not at all a soap dispenser. (I’m not the only one who made this mistake. I intentionally waited in the bathroom and watched three other people hold their hands under the flashy metal knob waiting for soap to squirt out. Then I laughed and felt so much better about myself.)

The highlight of the party, while the innovations really, truly were pure genius, was the food. I would love to show you photos of everything I tried, but I recently acquired the iPhone 6 and for some reason I can’t figure out how to use the camera properly. (Similar to my bathroom goofs, my lack of iPhone 6 skills should also not reflect on my overall intelligence.) I take photos and they disappear. What the ????

So, my favorite photo of a bite-sized-spaghetti-and-meatball hors d’oeuvre* is no longer in existence. Therefore, I will just describe it for you as best as possible: I’m pretty sure it was angel hair pasta, very tightly wound up into a plump cushion about the diameter of a quarter with one tiny, lightly sauced meatball resting on top. Super cute. And really, really tasty.

I did manage to capture (and save!) a photo of the fancy macaroni & cheese that I devoured. Fancy because it was made with Tellegio. Also fancy because it was served inside a really neat paper cone, not just plopped onto an appetizer sized paper plate. Definitely innovative. popmechcone

There were also waiters walking around with ridiculously long serving boards of food. Maneuvering around all the guests with these 10 foot platters required some skill. Especially the copper-lidded plank with pork belly sandwiches that were accompanied by a shot of whiskey. (I’ll have another!) porkbellyplatter copy

But the macaroni and cheese remains my favorite. I think its safe to say, it was quite popular with the crowd.

*To make up for my bathroom blunders and lack of iPhone skills at the party, the fact that I spelled hors d’oeuvre correctly, without referring to a dictionary, should be a reflection on my overall brilliance.

4 thoughts on “Popular Mech-aroni

  1. I think if you go to Settings, then Photos and Camera, and turn off Summarize Photos, you will see all your pics. Maybe then you will find the Fancy Nancy spaghetti-Os. 🙂


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