Badgers Eat Fingers

I pulled another fast one on Brad Pitt the other day. Heh. I laugh just thinking about it. He, on the other hand, was not laughing. Not one bit. But…. holy crap it was funny to me.

In our efforts to spruce up the new house, we had to install a new garbage disposal. badger

While Brad Pitt was under the sink tinkering with pipes and wires and the new disposal, I had the brilliant idea to quickly search for a grinding garbage disposal sound effect on my phone.

I found one.
A good one.
And then I keyed up the volume as high as it would go, held the phone over the sink and pushed play.

Brad Pitt freaked out thinking his poor little fingers were getting chopped up and he jumped out of the cabinet screaming.

I could not stop laughing. I’m still laughing.

The power switch was off. And his hands weren’t even inside the disposal. So, its not like there was any chance he was going to lose any digits. But, holy cow, he freaked out. It was awesome.

Fortunately, our new kitchen has two sinks and we are going to install a second disposal. I’m going to badger him until we get it done. Ahhhhh. I feel a sequel coming on.


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