I’ve Evolved

It has been almost eight months since Brad Pitt and I made our one-way-road-trip to Pennsyl-fucking-vania. And it has been almost eight months since I’ve had a legitimate, “real” taco. [Do you hear the sad violin playing in the background?!?!?]

I don’t know why, but they just don’t have tacos in our part of Pennsylvania. Well, they do, but they’re not the good kind of taco that I’m desperately seeking for Taco Tuesday nourishment.

There are still a few hole-in-the-wall places that I have yet to try. And believe me, I will try all of them. But I need Brad Pitt to tag along with me because these places aren’t exactly in the most desirable neighborhoods.

So, I’ve become so desperate for a good, “real” taco that I resorted to trying some “street tacos” from the freezer section at Target. This brand called evol (with a backwards e) caught my attention on my last shopping adventure so I grabbed a couple boxes. Honestly, I figured it couldn’t be worse than any of the other tacos I’ve had access to recently. streettacobox

And, the tacos weren’t bad. Or maybe its been so long that I’ve lost some of my taco senses. But I would buy some again. Of course, when I pulled my tacos out of the microwave they weren’t as pretty as those pictured on the box:

And, get real, There was no fresh lime wedge in the container. That would be asking too much. But they tasted pretty darn okay.

Plus they have some funky ingredient combinations (Korean beef with kimchi!!!) which, of course, I like. It kind of reminded me of the street tacos I had in Louisville:

Traveling Kitchen • Louisville KY

Or the funky, awesome tacos in NYC at Salvation Taco:

Salvation Taco • NYC

But, not really. Because, lets be honest. They were frozen tacos. I’ve evolved into a frozen street taco eating fool. I’m not sure what this means in the realm of survival of the fittest, but I’m hoping its good.

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!!

6 thoughts on “I’ve Evolved

    • Its never the same. Never as good. Maybe if I was Mexican I would make better tacos. But I’m Italian. And Polish. Its not happening. No one wants a Polish taco.

  1. Oh. I guess you’re right; a taco of cabbage and kielbasa sounds weird. Honestly though, I would be much more concerned with the lack of BBQ in Pennsylvania.

    • Hm. Now that you put it THAT way … a Polish taco may be kind of tasty.
      BP tried to get me to eat BBQ last weekend. Someone recommended a place that is “supposed to be good.” Ha. I laugh in the face of anyone who believes BBQ outside of Kansas City is “good.” And I refuse to try it.

  2. OMG! No you didn’t! Frozen tacos from Target??? This is just not okay. I would bet that the ‘hole in the wall’ taco places that are in a ‘not so good neighborhood’ are exactly what you are yearning for. Because let’s be honest, Southwest Boulevard isn’t the best of neighborhoods either and that is where you find some of the best.

    • This is true. But all the places on SW BLVD felt comfortable to me. Some of these places in Allentown are total sketch. But, I will prevail. I WILL eat some tacos. (I’ve actually been to a couple places but didn’t get tacos. Stupid.)


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