How To Google Haunted Houses

I am scrambling to get the house as ready as possible for a visit from my in-laws. Brad Pitt’s dad and step-mom will arrive in less than five hours from now and I’m hustling around the house, shoving boxes into hiding places, cleaning sheets and towels and running errands that “have to be done today” according to some unmentioned people. In the midst of my madness, I received a text message from my Seeester wanting to know the name of the haunted mansion we drove past last year.


Is now the time to ask me?

And, more importantly, have you ever heard of Google?!?!?

So, as the incredibly kind and loving and caring and thoughtful sister that I am, I put down everything that I was doing to answer her extremely important question. This is what I sent to her:  [Note: You have to click the link to understand the humor behind this post.]

Not that I don’t want my Seeester to stop relying on me for important facts and pieces of info, but at the ripe age of 33+ I’m hoping she will learn how to use Google effectively. The step by step actions taken in the link should help her Google learning curve. And, it may even help her get places in life. Like, haunted houses in Kansas City. Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.19.21 PM

Photo shout out to my dear friend Wikipedia. Another great online tool.

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