A Healthy Dose of Tacos

Helloooooo tacos! tacoclose

A new (fancy Mexican) restaurant opened last week in The Valley and we hit it quicker than chips on salsa.

I’ll be honest with you – this place snuck up on me. Maybe because I had been sick the entire week and I wasn’t tracking on things like usual. But our friends invited us to dinner and suggested we check it out. One quick Google search later and I was all “Tequila Tower? I’m in.” Brad Pitt agreed under the condition that someone had to say it was their birthday and we scored at least one sombrero. But, I reminded him it was a fancy Mexican restaurant. No doubt sombreros were not going to be around.

So, there we were … knee deep in $10 guacamole. Sucking down ceviche. Tackling tiny tacos like no other….tacoplate
And then it hit me.

Not the tequila. No. The stupid virus that I had been fighting all week. It smacked me in the face as if to say “Sucker! You think you can go out and have fun? Get real, bitch! You are going home. And you are going home, now!”

It was the first time (in my life) I left unfinished tacos on my plate. (The horror!!!) Embarrassed, but desperate to escape, I apologized to everyone and bolted out of the restaurant. My body was aching so bad I thought I was going to keel over at the table. That would not be the type of press anyone wants the first week of opening. I don’t know how I made it to the car through the maze of stores and restaurants surrounding me. But I did. And I made it home. And into bed. And fortunately, Brad Pitt salvaged what was left on my plate and I had a taco-and-a-half for breakfast the next day. Even leftover they were fancy.tacoclose2

So, here is to a healthier and happy Taco Tuesday!



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