Ever since Brad Pitt and I indulged on the eight course New Year’s Eve dinner at 187 Rue Principale, I have had a new admiration (and craving) for sun chokes. They serve these tasty tubers alongside Chilean sea bass and they are unbelievably good. But, really, what are they?

I had to do a little digging to find out more about this root vegetable and discovered they are also known as Jerusalem Artichokes. But they are not from Jerusalem. And they aren’t an artichoke. They are from a sunflower type plant and are somewhat like a …. potato. Kind of. But not totally. But enough that it provides decent description in case you have never seen or eaten one before.

Anyway, one tidbit of info I kept coming across, regarding my new-found-love, is that they cause gas.
Numerous websites stated the claim.
My mom warned me.
Even the folks at thekitchn.com laid it on the line when they said:

“As for the gas issue, it’s no joke. I wouldn’t be the first person to say there’s a third name for this root vegetable, and it’s fartichoke.”

Genius. Of course I would fall in love with a food with such a nickname.

I thought for sure I was going to be an exception to the rule. Why? I do not know. Its not like I’m an exception to other gassy rules. But I thought I’d be good to go with Fartichokes. So, I bought some at the store, roasted a few and tossed them on our dinner plates last night.

If you are asking, “where are they?” then I feel sorry for you because I feel as if it should be obvious. I told you they were somewhat-potato-like. Maybe you weren’t paying attention. So, for those who are asking, I’ve made it quite simple by pointing to them with red arrows in the image below:

I discovered a few hours after dinner that I am not immune to their super powers. The Fartichoke wins. Every time.



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