Teeny Weenie

Over the weekend I started wondering … does anyone make mini hot dogs? Like slider-sized hamburgers but teeny weenies? Not like cocktail weenies. No. Bigger than cocktail weenies, but smaller than a normal hot dog. You can’t just cut one in half, either. I imagine the hot dog would need to be proportionately smaller, so the general diameter would probably shrink a bit. The buns would need to be modified, as well. I see an entire industry collaboration on this… Oscar Mayer and Sara Lee need to put their heads together. I hope they are listening. Slider Dogs would be such a hit at parties! Not to mention, they’d be perfect for kids. The mini-dogs would fit nicely in their hands and the kids would end up looking like giants. That would make the party even more fun. I’m really loving this idea and I had no idea I would ever be so excited about a teeny weenie.*


*Sorry, Mom and Dad, I but you had to expect some sort of a penis joke in here.