Taco Tuesday: Make Your Own Salsa

Lets be honest here, one of the best things about Taco Tuesday is the salsa. I don’t like to share salsa. Not just because some people are known to double dip (ew!!!) but because I like to pile it on my chips and I want to be sure there is plenty of salsa for me, myself and I. Those sharing the table with me are on their own.

There is something about “real” salsa … not the stuff that comes in a jar from the grocery store. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out how to make my own salsa, but I finally did a little online research last year and found a recipe that tastes as good as the salsa you can find at any legit Mexican restaurant. And its super easy to make.

Of course, I don’t follow the recipe to exact measurements. That would be too easy. Instead I use it as a guideline on what ingredients I should throw in the blender and I just add more as I see fit.

All you need is a can of crushed tomatoes, onion, pickled jalapenos* and some juice, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper. Throw everything into the blender and chop/mix/blend away. Chill before serving if you want.

*I also like to add fresh jalapenos but the recipe calls for the jarred, pickled kind. Probably because adding the juice gives the salsa extra flavor.

Mmmmmm. Tasty. Happy Taco Tuesday!


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