Blue Cheese Chicken

One of my go-to-dinner recipes lately has been Blue Cheese Chicken.
Its ridiculously easy to make and tastes really good. Have I posted this before? I honestly can not remember. I searched. And didn’t find it. So I am assuming this is safe to post.

bluecheesechickenAll you need is:

Salt & Pepper the chicken, coat with ranch dressing (you can use egg wash, instead if you want) then dip into Panko. Bake in 400 degree oven for 20 minutes (or until cooked through and panko crumbs are lightly toasted). Serve with blue cheese dressing on top.*

Last night I paired the chicken with a wedge salad and side of pasta-roni. I can’t think of an easier or faster dinner to make. Well, maybe sloppy joes. Or hot dogs. Or spaghetti. Okay, so I can think of easier and faster dinners but they don’t count because I’m talking about the Blue Cheese Chicken. For now, its the only one that counts.

*I’ll be honest, in this picture I topped the chicken with blue cheese crumbles instead of the Marzetti’s dressing because the jar was almost empty and I reserved it for the salad. I suppose I could wait until I make the recipe again “the right way” and take a new picture but then I would have to remind myself to do so, and that would just be a bigger pain in the ass to remember. I obviously have trouble remembering things. So, forgive me for altering my own super-easy recipe. But for those of you who happen to have blue cheese crumbles on hand, go ahead and try it this way. Its really good.


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