Mushroom Mania

mushroomsThis year the Smurfs decided to build a freaking mushroom village in our backyard. They arrived silently overnight and stayed a couple weeks. And then, poof! They were gone. Its probably for the best that they disappeared because we all know mushrooms that grow in your own yard are usually very poisonous and no one needs to be tempted by free mushrooms.

Gargamel must have forced them to migrate east because my friend Lori who is in North Carolina posted the photo below on her Facebook page yesterday. 1010551_539656619430688_238779682_n

I particularly like how she continued with the Smurf theme and used a figurine to capture the true size of the ‘shroom. She decided to leave the mushroom alone and see how big it gets. I totally applaud this decision and only wish I lived close enough to visit every day and keep watch.

Besides our Smurf Village of Mushrooms, Ben and I had quite an interesting array of mushrooms a few years ago. I kid you not, they were shaped like wieners!!! And I’m not talking about Oscar Mayer wieners people! Of course, they had to sprout up in our front yard where the entire neighborhood could see them rather than nicely hidden in the backyard for our own viewing pleasures. And they popped up from the ground just in time for my in-laws to visit. Good thing we all have a great sense of humor. I wish I had saved a picture of the pecker* impersonators but of all the ridiculous photos I have on file, I can’t find a single one. So, I will leave it up to you to click this link of Google mushroom images that most resemble what sprouted in our own yard.

Morel of the Story:
Don’t eat mushrooms you find in your own yard, especially the penis shaped ones.

*Did you know there are over 100 slang words for penis?!? Mind boggling.

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