Eight Course NYE Countdown

I’m far too busy watching college football to go into great detail about last night’s amazing NYE dinner with Brad Pitt. I also blame college football for my lack of desire to spend a long time working on the photos I snapped of everything we ate.

Sorry. But I think you’ll be okay.

The food was quite photogenic and didn’t need much help with my enhancing skills. And pictures are worth a thousand words. So…. the photos of our eight (EIGHT!!) course meal speak volumes on their own.

Oh yeah … worth mentioning … we had this amazing dinner at the new French restaurant in our tiny borough. In case you weren’t paying attention: THIS AMAZING PLACE IS DOWN THE STREET FROM OUR HOUSE! How do you say “This is Better Than College Football” in French!?!?!?

Amuse Boucher: Flavor Sphere
A ball of pomegranate that exploded in our mouths with some fennel seeds (?) on top. I have no idea. There is no description on the menu but it was really tasty.

Premier Plat: Foie Gras
Induction Seared Foie Gras, Lisa’s Kitchen Apple Cake, Hibiscus Glass, Sugar Plum Drizzle

Deuxieme Plat: Homrad (Lobster)
Three Separate Preparations of Maine Lobster accompanied by Local Beet, Pickled Grape, Celery Apple Coulis
image image image

Salade: Endive
Wild Fox Ruby Streaks, Frisee, Duck Cracklin’, Leaning Sycamore Quail Egg, Warm Sherry Pancetta Vinaigrette

Poisson: Loup de Mer (Sea Bass)
MSC Certified Chilean Sea Bass, Beluga Lentils, Lancaster Leek Fondue, Roasted Winter Vegetable, Sunchoke Puree

Plats Principale: Joule de Bouef (Beef Cheeks)
Birch and Bourbon Braised Lancaster County Beef Cheeks, White Truffle Pomme Gratin, Bacon Roasted Kale, Horseradish Butter, Local Beet Coulis

Fromage: Fourme D’ Ambert
Progression of Local Honey, Joli Fruit Bread, Frozen Grape

Crepe Sucree: Chocolate et a la Banane
Nutella Coulis, Fair Trade Banana, Nutella Powder

Wow. We arrived shortly before 9pm. We left shortly after midnight. What a way to ring in the new year!

Merci Beaucoup 187 Rue Principale for a great dinner. And welcome to the neighborhood! And by “welcome to the neighborhood” what I mean is Praise The Stars Above that we finally have a fancy schmancy restaurant in town!



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