Penny Drinks Alone

Each and every morning I start my day with a Chai Latte. Two actually.

Don’t start judging me, just yet. I don’t head to the coffee shop and order expensive, fancy lattes. No. I make them myself. Using a k-cup in our Keurig.

And they are delicious. Even Penny agrees.

She loves chai lattes.

I caught her lapping up the last little bit of a latte a few months ago and, because my mother raised me a particular way, I quickly called to her to stop.

But then I thought about it … why deprive her of something so delicious? She obviously has good taste. And its not like she is drinking an entire latte. She politely waits until I am down to the last sip before she sneaks her tiny head inside the mug and laps up the few teaspoons that I left behind. She also kindly waits until I leave the general vicinity, so as not to make me jealous that she gets the last few sips. Its cool. I don’t want them anyway. And I understand how nice it is to sit quietly and peacefully drink your morning latte alone. And, as you can see in this (hilarious, slow motion*) video, that is exactly what she does.

*I think all slow motion videos are hilarious. I can’t help it. They crack me up.

2 thoughts on “Penny Drinks Alone

    • LOL!! Thank you Jami! I can’t stop watching it. I think its hilarious, too. My mom does NOT think its funny. She is probably going to pack her own coffee mugs in her luggage when she comes to visit me so she can avoid anything that may have been licked by a dog in our house.


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