Crafty Cocktails

photo-98During the hot summer months I’ve found that a sweet tea vodka with water and a lemon is a great go-to-cocktail. It tastes just like sweet tea. I’m not kidding. Recently, I was sitting on our back patio and after some cajoling, I convinced Brad Pitt to grab himself a cocktail and join me outside. After awhile I asked him if he wanted a second drink since I was going inside anyway to grab myself a refill. I returned with his second Scotch of the night and my sweet tea. I’m not sure why he didn’t ask before but it was at that point that he wanted to know what I was drinking so I casually said “Iced Tea.” He kind of rolled his eyes and said “No way. Is it one of your sweet tea vodka drinks?” And after a few go-rounds of him questioning and me insisting it was “just tea,” I finally said “Taste it for yourself.” So he did. And he looked shocked. He said “Damn it, I wouldn’t have had any Scotch if I would have known you weren’t drinking, too.” I let him sit there feeling a little frustrated for a few minutes before I couldn’t contain my giggles and finally let him in on the truth. Seriously, he should know me better! Its not the first (and won’t be the last) I’ve pulled a cocktail joke on him.

One night, on a whim I said “Hey! Lets have dirty martinis tonight!” We never have martinis. Beer, wine, scotch and maybe a margarita or vodka drink, yes. But never martinis for some reason. But that particular night I was feeling like a good ol’ martini would be a great pre-dinner drink. So we shook up a couple and started sipping away. Painful I tell you. When I wasn’t cringing from each sip, I was casually watching Brad Pitt do the same out of the corner of my eye. I decided I was going to pull the trigger early and switch to wine, but of course I didn’t need to tell him that. I waited until he left the room, quickly poured all but a small sip of the remaining martini into a plastic container, shoved it in the back of the fridge, opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a glass. When he got back into the kitchen he sneered at me and said “Oh, I see you gave up on your martini, eh?” And I said, quite smartly, “No, I finished it. I am moving on to wine now.” The look on his face was awesome. And that totally shut him up. And I got to watch him sit there and try so hard to finish his martini. I actually got so busy preparing dinner that I forgot to clue him into what I really did with the remainder of my martini until the next day when he was digging through the fridge looking for something to eat and he raised up the plastic container with clear liquid in it asking “what’s in here?” Oh. That? Yeah, that’s my martini from last night. Sucker.


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