Survival Tacos

I had no new photos of tacos to share today, so I made the ultimate sacrifice for you, my followers: I broke the budget and bought a couple of tacos for lunch.

Lets get real, here. I needed to eat anyway. First of all, in order to survive, you must eat. Second of all, I have an epic happy hour planned this evening and we all know you can’t survive any sort of happy hour (epic or not) without some food in your belly.

So, after I ran to the grocery store, I swung by Taco Republic and ordered a couple of tacos. Brad Pitt is going to be jealous when he sees this because he was stuck eating a hotdog on OatNut bread for lunch. We were out of buns and he ate lunch before I went to the store. Too bad he had to eat so early. The tacos were good.

10tacorepublicWhen it boils down to the fact that the tacos I ate will aid in my ultimate survival, I’m sure he’ll understand and forgive me.

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!


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