King Cake

The Royal Baby has arrived. I’m quite aware of this because everyone is all atwitter about it. And all afacebook. And I’m sure E! Entertainment News will have nothing to report but what the baby was wearing when it popped out.

But it is a big day in history and it should be celebrated as such. Right? I’m thinking a King Cake would be oh-so-perfect. But they are only around during Mardi Gras. And they aren’t exactly British. But its called a KING cake and most people hide a BABY inside (a tiny baby figurine, not a real baby) so in my opinion its the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the Royal Baby.

I don’t want to waste my cake mix on a King Cake (I’m saving it so I can make gooey butter cookies later this week). But I’m in luck. I have two cupcakes leftover from my birthday dinner last night. Cha-ching! And I have a teeny tiny plastic baby figurine on hand. Don’t ask why, I just do.* So, I’m going to shove the baby up inside one of the cupcakes. Then I’m going to move the cupcakes around like a magician so neither Brad Pitt or I will know which one is the lucky cupcake. And whoever bites into the baby after dinner tonight wins. The winner will be treated like royalty all week.**

*Update: I can’t find the teeny tiny plastic baby. This is why I don’t have real children. If I can’t keep track of a plastic baby that doesn’t move, how in the world could I take care of a real baby that crawls around? I will have to shove one of my tiny garden gnomes into the cupcake. This could get tricky.
**I hope I win.

2 thoughts on “King Cake

    • Brad Pitt won, so I will be calling him Your Highness all day today. (Side note: I kinda won too. My mom sent us home with three cupcakes and I ate two of them. Don’t tell Brad Pitt.)


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