Babysitting 101: Don’t Lose the Child

Today I have a hot lunch date with a super awesome four year old: my nephew. I’m pretty excited. I spent the afternoon with my niece a week or so ago so today is his turn for some one-on-one time. And hopefully its more successful than my day with his sister. I lost her that day. I lost a child!

That day started out great. We chowed down on spaghetti and a huge meatball at Buca di Beppo and later had some beignets in the City Market.

In between we went to Penguin Park. The second we got to the park she immediately headed for the Kangaroo slide. I felt super responsible by looking inside the Kangaroo to make sure there weren’t too many kids or any creepies hiding out inside the fiberglass animal. Everything checked out a-okay so I gave her the green light to play. IMG_7126I sat down directly in front of the entrance to the slide (the Kangaroo’s belly) and waited. And waited. And waited. And she never appeared. So I approached the ‘Roo and yelled inside “E? E? E?” No response. I got inside the belly and looked up. “E, let me see your face!” She was not in there. I’m felt my entire body turn white and clammy with fear as I exited the belly of the kangaroo and asked the first parent I saw if there was a hidden exit. Running around the entire animal (and knowing good and well that was the only opening) I didn’t see anything but a solid tail in the back.

Holy fuck. I started to fear the worst and I’m sure every parent around me saw the sheer terror on my face. I explained what she was wearing and started yelling her name across the entire playground. And then this little voice said “Over here!” but I still didn’t see her so I thought someone was pulling a trick on me or another kid named Emma was responding. But there she was. On top of the Elephant apparatus. IMG_7140 I think she saw the look of fear on me because when I ran over there, wrapped my arms around her and told her I thought she had been kidnapped and it made me sick to my stomach she made it a point to stay in my sight and wave at me every three minutes after that.

So when I invited C to hang out with me today I told my Seeester: “I won’t lose him. I promise.” She laughed and said “I know.” But I bet she is kind of worried.

We are going to lunch and I plan to watch him like a hawk. Like I’m going to watch him so closely that it will probably freak out everyone around us. But I don’t care. And hopefully I’ll manage to score some fun pictures of our adventures so I can share them with you all later. Wish me luck.


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