Ladies Man Fish Tacos

I can’t help but think of the Ladies Man every time I see fish tacos on a menu. fishtacoI know his pickup line was centered around fish sandwiches, but fish tacos are close enough. If you aren’t familiar with the smooth moves of the Ladies Man, you must watch this video:

Brad Pitt actually does a mean Ladies Man impression and will bust out his moves on command. So, of course, when I see fish tacos, I make him act like the Ladies Man.


I mean, think about, could you resist this offer for a fish taco? Actually I could. I’m not a fan of fish tacos. Probably because most of the fish tacos around here are made with tilapia and tilapia grosses me out.

(Tilapia eat shit. You are what you eat. Enough said.)

A friend apparently did not know about tilapia’s shit-eating dining habits, because she had no trouble ordering these fish tacos. Or maybe she had the Ladies Man whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Either way, I decided I would keep my mouth shut and not inform her on the ins and outs of tilapia so she could enjoy her dinner.


So… no, thank you, I do not want a fish taco. But I sure do love the Ladies Man.

Happy Taco Tuesday, Sweet Thang.



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