Flip Flop Chopstick Cake

birthdayToday is Brad Pitt’s birthday.

I decided to surprise him with a few things.

First, I made this incredibly sultry birthday video on JibJab for him.

Then I wrapped his gifts which he has not opened yet, so I will have to update this post later with what goodies I gave him. It is something he will like a lot though. And, for once, it is something that I won’t use. (I can’t help it if we like the same things and I end up using his gifts most of the time.)

Next I am making him a new recipe for dinner. I will have to post about that later, too, as it is currently marinating and not fully prepared.

Finally, I made him a cake. A layer cake. Have you ever made a layer cake? Let me tell you about layer cakes. They are complete and total bull shit. So is frosting. Frosting is total bull shit. The layers kept moving when I was trying to frost them. I guess I was supposed to hide some sort of support system between each layer. And I think I used too much milk in my frosting. (Props to me for making the frosting myself, though.) Anyway, I eventually got pissed off at my cake flopping all over the place and was terrified it would slide onto the floor so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of chop sticks. Now the cake is firmly in place. Although the “frosting” is still on a continuous slide. To hell with cake baking. But HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only Brad Pitt. I hope you enjoy your flip flop chopstick cake. chopstickcake

Oh Jeez. It is so pathetic looking. I hope it tastes better than it looks. Stupid layers. Stupid frosting. Cool chopsticks, though.

6 thoughts on “Flip Flop Chopstick Cake

  1. Oh, Katie. . .I’m not sure what to say. Maybe you are like Rachel Ray; she doesn’t bake either. Baking requires precision, and I think you are too much of a creative cook for that. It was a really nice thought though. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Brad Pitt!!


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