Sandwich Cowgirl

I was ridiculously busy all weekend and missed my Sandwich Saturday post. And for that… I’m sorry. You didn’t get to see any of the great sandwiches I ate recently. Like this one… panera

Or this one… chzsteakOr this one… fleaburgerSo to make it up to you I took this picture of me and a sandwich eating statue. sandwichcowgirlI’m riding him all the way back to Saturday. Yee Haw!!!

Happy (belated) Sandwich Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Sandwich Cowgirl

    • Yes, the McD’s is gone (Noodles & Co is in that spot now) but the statue is still there! They basically moved it around the corner, in front of Blanc (and Bank of America). Also, it should be said that the statue is quite sturdy and can handle the weight of a cowgirl who eats a lot of sandwiches.

    • Ok here is the sandwich lineup: Panini from Panera, Cheesesteak from Planet Sub, Burger from Westport Flea.

      Planet Sub was great…I ended up having two in one week. Hold the green peppers. 🙂

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