Underground Club

It takes me forever to make a decision. Especially when it comes to food. I will spend a good hour every evening trying to decide where Brad Pitt and I should go out to eat. Or the same amount of time deciding what I should cook. It drives Brad Pitt and my family crazy watching me waffle between one option and the other(s). Honestly, it drives me crazy, too, I just don’t know how to correct whatever pathways in my brain are messed up.

Things were no different when I was faced with what sandwich to order on my last visit to Potbelly. It took me about half an hour before I even decided on Potbelly (other options for lunch that day were Panera and Noodles and Company.)

I was pretty proud of myself when I confidently decided on Potbelly. Then it was a matter of which ‘wich to order. After perusing the online menu for a good ten minutes, I decided to take one for the team (all of you reading this being “the team”) passed on my usual Italian style and roast beef sammies and decided I would order …. the Clubby. undergroundclub

Turkey, Ham, Nueske’s Bacon, Provolone Cheese, Ranch Dressing, Lettuce and Tomato. Yeah, I didn’t order it for the turkey. Or the ham. Not even for the bacon. I pretty much was excited about the ranch dressing. And the fact that my Sandwich Saturday followers would finally see something different than my uzzzsh. (How the hell do you spell the slang version of usual? That is what I’m trying to get at right now.)

Anyway… I walked to the shop. I went inside. I looked at the menu on the wall … and there was no “Clubby” sandwich to be found. I started to freak out. I had finally, finally made up my mind and it wasn’t there!

Somehow I managed to keep my cool so when they greeted me I was able to ask if such a sandwich existed. The guy behind the counter gave me a nod, like a “hell yeah, you know whats up” nod and casually mentioned it was an “underground” sandwich. Um, okay. As I made my way down the sandwich line, the next guy behind the counter looked at my sandwich and then at me and said “Oh, going underground today! Nice!” At this point I was feeling particularly cool, because hey, I was all up in the underground world of sandwiches and no one else knew it existed. By the time I walked out of there I felt like I owned the entire underground world of club sandwiches.

And I was relieved I didn’t have to make a new decision for the day.turkeyclubHappy Sandwich Saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “Underground Club

  1. Where did you see this online. I’ve searched because now I want to know the other underground options.

    • Ah yes, the elusive underground club. It is “hidden” under the Order Online section. It doesn’t appear on their website menu when you open their homepage and click on Menu. You have to pretend like you are going to place your order online and then it will appear. I’m looking at the menu right now and I don’t see any other sandwiches that seem “secret” but I could be wrong. Have fun searching 🙂


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