I’m an Italian Hipsterbilly

Until Brad Pitt and I have moved all of our furniture from The Condo to the new house, we find ourselves living in a constant state of flux.  Me, especially, because he at least gets to go to the office and experience some normalcy during the week, while I shuffle from one property to the other.

I’ve moved my set of pots and pans from The Condo to the house and back to The Condo (more than once) because cooking with one pan was not cutting it. I had to use a Mr. Coffee machine to heat up chicken stock for risotto one night. mrcoffeestock

It worked, by the way. And, was actually quite convenient just pouring the stock into my pot of risotto as opposed to using a ladle. I may continue to use the coffee pot method even after we are settled.

But, this week, I realized I may have set a new trend. I became part hipster, part hillbilly with a touch of Italian when I found myself without any glassware and I resorted to using an empty jar of Prego spaghetti sauce to drink my sweet tea.


As you can see, the jar is almost empty. Proof that it was quite effective and very delicious.

I totally plan on continuing this Italian Hipsterbilly Lifestyle after we are fully settled in, and I encourage everyone else to follow suit.




3 thoughts on “I’m an Italian Hipsterbilly

  1. I totally did that a few weeks ago with my iced coffee…in fact, it almost looks exactly like that jar. 🙂 And it was perfect. I liked the idea so much I thought I’d start doing the same! 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Careful with what brand of sauce you are using to serve up your iced tea. I thought for sure you were sending a subliminal message by using a “Prego” jar. A friend of mine used the same type of jar to announce her little one. 🙂 Hope you and Brad Pitt are doing well!


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