Down to the Bone

I’m guessing that Brad Pitt won’t be happy with me after I post this, but its a pretty minor thing, so he will quickly get over it. He is so picky about what people know about him. Like, the fact that he eats meat down to the bone.

Down to the bone.

Fried Chicken?
Down to the bone.

Hot Wings?
Down to the bone.

One of those huge festival turkey legs?
I haven’t seen him attempt one before, but I would bet he would take it down to the bone.

I honestly don’t know how he does it. Somehow I always manage to leave a “disgraceful” amount of meat on the bone and my scrap plate is left looking like a heap of junk. But, not Brad Pitt. No way. His plate of bones is clean and nice and orderly. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:
Notice the drumstick in the front? Yeah, the one with a little bit of meat still clinging on for dear life? That was mine. The rest of those bones are Brad Pitt’s. He is an animal.

Usually he criss-crosses his leftover bones on the plate. But, the other night he took a more wreath-like fashion. I can only assume the impending holidays had something to do with his change in habit.

My mom has commented on his rib eating behavior. (I think she is quite impressed and it is the main reason he is her favorite son-in-law.*) Even the restaurant servers have been known to compliment him on his wing eating technique. Its bizarre, really. But I admire him for it, nonetheless.

*Just want to see if My Seeester is paying attention.

2 thoughts on “Down to the Bone

  1. I am VERY impressed with his rib eating. I always thought I was pretty good at cleaning off a rib, but I’m no where near as good as BP. And he always stacks them so neatly. . . .

    ***FYI: I’m extremely lucky; I have TWO favorite sons-in-law. I love them both very much.


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