Prehistoric Would You Rather

Remember when I took my nephew Charlie to the T-Rex Cafe? We both had so much fun that neither of us ever stopped talking about it. So, it only made sense to go back and bring more people to share in the fun.

So, today Charlie, Emma, my Seeester and I met up at the restaurantsaurus for lunch. Prehistoric Pizza, Lava Me Tenders, lots of dinosaurs and fish were on the menu.


Prehistoric Pepperoni Pizza


Lava Me Tenders (Coconut Chicken Tenders)

We walked all over the restaurant checking out the animated dinosaurs before and after our meal. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, you name it, they have it. tritops

Before we left we took an obligatory potty break and that is when I found what had to be the only true, prehistoric fish in the restaurant’s aquariums:weirdfishSeriously. Have you ever seen a fish that looks like this??? Um, look at it. When I was around the kids, I kept saying “Look guys! It has a nose!!” But now that I’m home and really looking (staring) at the photo, I can’t help but think it looks like something else. Are you following me here???? Look at it. I mean look!

You know the game “Would you rather?” Well, years and years ago, while drinking beers with a bunch of friends, one of the guys said “Would you rather have a vagina in the middle of your back or in the middle of your forehead?” I’m pretty sure this fish was asked “Would you rather have a penis in the middle of your back or on your forehead?” He said forehead.

And his wish was granted.

So, the lesson learned from this trip to the T-Rex Cafe: Never play the “Would You Rather” game unless you feel very comfortable with your answers.

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