Chipotle: A Taco on Every Corner

I’m pretty sure that Chipotle is the new Starbucks. And by that, what I mean is: I’m pretty sure you can find a Chipotle in every city, every town, around the corner, all over the United States. Well, maybe not every town and every corner, but you get my drift.

I’ve been eating at Chipotle for over a decade. That is more than ten years, people. I was once on a mission to eat at every Chipotle in the Kansas City metro area, as well as Chipotles in other states when I was traveling. In fact, I was so determined to visit Chipotle on one road trip that I accidentally took us about three hours off course. Not because the Chipotle was that far from our driving route. More because after we left Chipotle and got back on the highway I kind of accidentally took the wrong highway and we didn’t figure it out until about an hour later. Which resulted in quite a detour to our destination. Let’s just say that Brad Pitt was not too happy with me that day.

Despite 10+ years of Chipotle eating experience, I have never, ever, ever tried their tacos. Until today. And the only reason I went with tacos (and not my usual burrito bowl) was because I was fresh out of taco photos and needed something for today. And now I have something to share and the world will be a better place for it, I’m almost certain.

When you break down the cost of the tacos at Chipotle they are pretty cheap. So, its almost like every day is Taco Tuesday at Chipotle. No complaints here! I love a good, cheap taco! I can see you nodding your head in agreement. (Not really, of course, but I know you are doing it so that is just as good as actually seeing you nodding along.)

Here is a picture of one of my Chipotle tacos:chipotletaco2 (I tried to capture all three tacos in the same shot but they were not getting along. The one on the left was flopping around, the one in the middle was looking the wrong way and the one on the right spilled everywhere.)

Things I learned from my Chipotle taco experience:

The tacos are a bit sloppy. You’ll need some napkins fo’ sho’.
The guy (or girl) making your taco will assume you want chicken. I have no idea why this is and I’m willing to order more tacos in the future to test this statement. But my guy was pretty sure I was going to say chicken. He seemed a bit surprised when I said carnitas. Actually carnitas on two tacos and barbacoa on the third. I wanted to try both versions and they are the same price on the menu, so I figured it was allowed.

You are allowed to mix & match meats. (see above)

The tacos are surprisingly filling, even without the usual rice & beans that you may be used to stuffing inside a burrito.

I bet you can ask them to add rice and/or beans to your taco. I’m willing to test this on my next visit, too, and I’ll report back after I know more.

The tacos are good. They aren’t my all time favorite but they’ll totally do in a pinch.

And that about sums up my Chipotle taco experience.

I’m excited about this post because everyone who takes the time to read my blog from other cities and states can actually venture out and try the tacos I’m talking about. And, by the way, to all of you who read my blog outside of Kansas City, Missouri: Thank you. I’m glad you read it. I appreciate it and I’d LOVE to write about more places outside of Kansas City. Feel free to send messages to me about the cities and places you want me to visit. Please be extremely convincing so that I may share your ideas with Brad Pitt and have a stronger chance of having him agree to these trips.

I should say thank you to those of you inside the Kansas City metro area who read my blog, too. Thank you. And I’m open to any ideas you have on places I should visit, as well.

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!

3 thoughts on “Chipotle: A Taco on Every Corner

  1. I’ve never had Chipotle. Is there one by me? I’m asking because I have 2 Starbucks within about a 7 minute drive, but I have no idea about Chipotle. One other thing, do you no longer eat corn tortillas?

    • Mom yes you have a Chipotle. It’s by the Target on Adams Dairy. There is another one next to Panera at 40 & 291. Also I eat corn tortillas but the guy assumed I wanted flour so I went along for the ride. Some (all?) Chipotles started offering corn torts awhile ago. I will get corn next time.

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    • Also I can’t count the number of Starbucks I have within a SEVEN minute drive. Probably at least 10. There are 3 in a one mile radius.

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